Leslie Brown Associates

Founded in 2013 by retail leasing veteran Leslie Brown, Leslie Brown Associates is a retail real estate consulting firm dedicated to providing its select list of clients with deep industry knowledge and the best possible service in Hawai'i. Currently, LBA works in conjunction with The Taubman Company to lease the redeveloped International Marketplace in world-famous Waikiki, Alexander & Baldwin’s rapidly expanding Hawai'i portfolio that includes the $400 million acquisition of Kailua, and Heitman's The Shops at Wailea on Maui, among others.

Leslie Brown

A leader in the retail real estate realm, Leslie Brown is known for her extensive industry knowledge, her ability to identify and secure retailers, and her successful leasing of premier retail real estate properties in Hawai'i. In 2013,  after over 20 years of retail leasing experience, she founded Leslie Brown Associates - a top tier commercial real estate firm that delivers the highest quality of service and input to her clients.

With over two decades of experience in the Hawai'i retail markets, Leslie continues to cultivate relationships with leading luxury, contemporary, and emerging retail brands, while strategically building the portfolio and appreciating the value of the retail properties that she leases. She maintains a broad and deep network of relationships with retail real estate decision makers. Throughout her career, Leslie has worked on and improved the performance of some of the most prestigious retail properties in Hawai'i.